Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The Race

It is an early Saturday morning and the races have just started. The rides went over the first hump and holes. The rides are all pushing to get in the first place and the kx rider is in first place. The ktm is in second place. The Husqvarna is in third place. The motorbike is pushing to get in first place. It is three laps to go and the kx, ktm are tide. The crowd dont't no how is going to win the ktm rider looking at the kx rider and the kx rider wins and the crowd go wild.


  1. Hi, Regan that was a great story but maybe next time make your story longer and great spotting of the different types of motorbikes

  2. wow great story it got me really jumpy I really liked the way you said the crowd go wild and how you also said how the ktm and kx was face to face and kx wins mabe you could add in more interscholastic in to the story next time

    hi i'm Evannah my blog is kokatahi Evannah's blog

  3. Hi Regan, Amelia here, from Awahono school. I liked your writing you did on the picture of the motor bike race. I like how you said when the race was, and that the race had just started. Next time you could use more descriptive words to make it more interesting. I have done some writing like this before were you got a picture and then did a piece of writing on that picture. Great job from Amelia.

  4. Hi regan, I'm troy from ahipara school.
    I really like that motorbike picture. Very descriptive piece of writing.
    Next time you could make it longer.
    Keep up the good work!


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