Monday, 11 March 2019

Dominic & Regan's Amthology


  1. hi Regan I really like your poems.My favorite one was the SMG one it was really cool.
    Next maybe more information and make your questions more harder.
    From Capri

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  2. Hi there Regan, I really like your poems. I liked the Rocket Launcher a lot. How did you get it to explode like that? Next time you could make the words easier to see by changing the colour of the words.
    Keep up the great animations!

  3. Hi Regan, Amelia here from Awahono School. I like how you have made some of the pictures on the slides do things and move, how do you do that? You did a good job of making it catch my eye especially the RPG one. Another thing you could do to make it even more eye catching is make the backgrounds brighter. Next time you could also make the writing bigger because it made it a little bit hard to read. Good job.

  4. hi im wati i liked how you did it and its nice good job

  5. hi my name is Carla-rose I like your slides they are cool you have lots of detail in your writing you bib a great job.

  6. Hi my name is Rata thats a really good slide just make the words bigger and it will be perfect.


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