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Friday, 20 September 2019


We have been learning how to make a simple animation.  I hope you enjoy watching it.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Camping at Rakaia

When we got to Rakaia we had lunch at the beach. We went fishing, finding crabs, making sandcastles and going for a walk along the beachfront. We were having a great time.

The next day I went to the gorge walkway. We planted a whole seshin of trees with my family and friends. We did this because some of the spots at the gorge had no trees.

In the afternoon we went for a swim in the river.

On the third day, we went boating, biscuiting and my oldest brother tried water skiing it was funny to watch. Swimming in the lake was the best part because I kept jumping off the biscuiting. At the lake I sour a eel my brothers tried to catch it.

On the last day, we went on the bike track. I tried to do a jumps it failed but it was good to be outdoors with my family and friends. Going biking was my favorite part of camping because we were all together and that's all that counts. Biking we were all out in nacher in the bush. I hit a tree once because I was looking back I didn't look back on that day on a bike.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

 Maui and the Big
This is the story of Maui and the Fish. One day Maui’s brothers wanted to go
fishing in the  morning. Maui said that he wanted to go but his brothers didn’t
want him to go. The brothers didn’t want him to go because they did not recoin
he would catch anything.

So the next night he wove a strong rope and was going to us his mother's jorw
bone and that's what he would use to catch the fish. Then he snuck into his
brothers woka. Then the next morning his brothers got into their woka while
Maui was hiding in it. When the brothers got to the fishing spot Maui jumped out
of his hiding place. He said i’ll show you i’ll begin with a karder kea. 

Then he through his hook into the water then he waited and then felt a tug on his
line.Maui said help me don’t be afraid help me the  brothers jumped onto the
jainet stingray and started hitting it with their spears.

That jainet stingray today is the north island of New Zealand.

The End

By Luke, Regan and Dom